You Can Grow Your Website Using Cheap Reseller HostingYou Can Grow Your Website Using Cheap Reseller Hosting

You’ll have everything you need from domain name registration and website builders to money back guarantees, 24/7 technical support, and much more to build an online presence without fail. Onlive Server has the best hosting for cheap reseller hosting with the most scalable setup and generous amount of resources that’d help you go all the way effortlessly. As an award-winning web hosting provider. Onlive Server works around the clock to deliver the best service at competitive prices so that you can meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.

Most Valuable Features of a Good Reseller Hosting Provider

One of the most vital attributes that a good reseller hosting provider must have is complete transparency and plenty of guides to lead customers through setup. With complete transparency, a web host should be able to inform potential clients about everything from how much does it cost to how many resources are available on each plan. Cheap Reseller Hosting providers must also make sure that there is plenty of tools like templates and an easy-to-use control panel. Which makes it easier for them to set up their desired websites. Last but not least, the value should also be given importance while choosing a reseller host as they ensure that you get a great number of features with each plan. So it would be advisable to compare multiple packages before making a decision.

Best Benefits of a Reseller Hosting Package

Reseller hosting offers various benefits to your business. It allows you to take up a number of web hosting packages, which are very popular and in-demand these days. And by reselling your packages, you would get an additional income stream that could be a huge help to your business. As they say, more hands make light work; it’s a great way to cut down on costs and still maximize your profits through multiple sources of revenue generation. There’s no better time than now! Get started today with cheap reseller web hosting at Onlive Server and create unlimited sub-domains, park domains or host an unlimited number of websites under one single package.

How to Compare Different Reseller Hosting Providers

Do you want to build your own brand or leverage someone else’s existing one? If you’re a reseller looking to build your own brand, then you should focus on cost. While it’s not easy to compare prices in advance. There are several questions that can help you figure out which features are important and whether certain services would be worth paying more for. Ask yourself: What do I need most? Are there any optional features I’d like to have but aren’t necessary for day-to-day operations? What kind of support will be available when I need it most, either now or in future years? Can I get a discount if I purchase multiple services at once?


It’s clear that Linux shared hosting offers a lot of benefits. The main one being it can be easier to manage than a VPS, at least if you’re just starting out. You also get more bang for your buck since many companies offer unlimited storage, database, and bandwidth with their plans. But if you decide to use a Linux-based shared host. I recommend Onlive Server because they have reasonable prices and they’re dedicated to providing great customer service. They also have lots of resources on their site (e.g., guides) so you don’t have to look elsewhere. If you run into trouble setting up your account or need help managing it in general. It doesn’t hurt that they offer cheap reseller hosting either!