Windows Dedicated Server

There are a number of important facts about Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in Italy that you definitely need to know if you are looking to make the most effective use of these servers.


4 Cores


All server hosting plans are fully customized, managed

Italy Windows Dedicated Server

Cheapest Windows Dedicated Server hosting makes use of technology for dividing one effective and efficient physical server into several virtual servers. You can take it the other way round as well. Windows Dedicated Server is basically a hardware functioning in the form of varied servers. Here private means exactly what the term implies.

Processor / Cores / Threads / RAM / Space
Italy Dedicated Server – DSX1 – Intel Core i5-2500 – 4c/4t/3.70GHz, 16GB RAM, 2x 500GB SATA
Milan, Italy
Italy Dedicated Server – DSX2– Intel Core i7-7700 – 4c/8t/4.20GHz, 16GB RAM, 2x 480GB SSD
Milan, Italy
Italy Dedicated Server – DSX3– Intel Core I7 8700 – 6c/12t/4.60GHz, 32GB RAM, 2x 480GB SSD
Milan, Italy
Italy Dedicated Server – DSX4– Intel Xeon E3 1230 – 4c/8t/3.60GHz, 32GB RAM, 2x 2TB SATA
Milan, Italy
Italy Dedicated Server – DSX5 – 2x Intel Xeon E5 2620v4 – 16c/32t/3.0GHz, 64GB RAM, 2x480GB SSD
Milan, Italy

One dedicated server is offered to one site which means that the different sites being hosted on the physicals server do not need to go through the hassle of sharing CPU, RAM and various other resources with the other sites. This form of Windows Dedicated server hosting is available in a fully managed manner as well as offer complete access to the server. It serves in the form of a bridge between a startup business and the success of the online business.

Windows Dedicated Server

Important Points You Need to Know About Windows Dedicated Servers in Italy

Italy Dedicated Server hosting of the best quality is available from Italy Server Hosting. The Milan based VPS servers in Italy come with Intel Core i5-2500 – 4 Core processor, 4 Thread, 3.70 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 2×500 GB SATA, and higher network connectivity speed and KVM architecture. It is also worth noting that with these servers, you get operating system options like Windows and Linux and control panel alternatives to include Webmin, ZPanel, and Sentora. The servers are highly cost-effective and more affordable in comparison to dedicated server hosting solutions. The clients only pay for the resources they use and nothing else. Also, they need to pay a fixed amount before going for the subscription.

Frequently Asked

Ans. Here are a few key things to remember while searching for a Windows Dedicated Server provider: You’ll want to ensure that the provider offers support for the latest versions of Windows Server. Confirming that the provider has a good reputation and can provide you with reliable uptime and performance is essential. Compare prices between different providers to find the best value for your needs. Another thing to remember is the level of customer support the provider offers. Read online reviews of other providers to understand their customer service levels. If you have any questions or issues with your server, you’ll want to be able to contact customer support for help.

Ans. Assuming you have your hardware and software ready to go, it should take, at most, a couple of hours to get your dedicated server up and running. Of course, this is just a ballpark estimate – the actual time will depend on factors like your internet connection speed, the complexity of your setup, and so on. If you’re starting from scratch, there’s a bit more work to do. You’ll need to choose and purchase your hardware, install your operating system of choice, and configure all the necessary settings. Depending on how much research you need to do and how complex your setup can take a few days or weeks.

Ans. No, you don’t need to be a technical expert to manage a dedicated Windows server. However, you will need to know how servers work to manage your server effectively. To make changes to your server’s configuration, you must be familiar with the Windows Server Manager tool. Additionally, many hosting providers offer managed services, which means they’ll take care of the server for you.

Ans. If you’re looking for a dedicated server for your Windows-based website, you’ve come to the right place. A Windows-dedicated server is an excellent option for many websites and businesses. One reason is that it can give you complete control over your server environment. This means you can lodge any software you need and make composition shifts. Additionally, a Windows dedicated server can be a good choice if you’re expecting high traffic levels or need to host resource-intensive applications. In this article, we’ll discuss whether a Windows dedicated server is suitable for your website and some of the benefits of using one.

Ans. If you have a software application that you want to run on a dedicated Windows server, you first need to check the system requirements for the software. Once you have determined that the software will run on a Windows server, you need to obtain a license for the software. If you do not have a request for the software, you will not be able to install and run it on your dedicated Windows server.