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You may consider upgrading to Windows VPS Hosting from shared web hosting, and you’re on the right track. We can even help you with that if you choose to host with us! Windows VPS Server offers several benefits over traditional shared hosting, including more security and increased flexibility and functionality, while offering all the power and ease of use you’d expect from an inexpensive WordPress hosting provider like ours! Here are 10 top reasons to consider upgrading your web hosting to Windows VPS Hosting!

Better Performance

One of my favorite reasons to upgrade to Windows VPS hosting is because it’s fast. While Linux-based virtual servers are more rapid than Windows-based ones, that difference is not as dramatic as you might think. On average, a Linux server takes about 30% longer to complete an I/O operation than a Windows server. Additionally, since more applications are written for Windows platforms, more options are usually available if you need them. This makes them far more accessible to integrate into your environment and use with your existing tools.


If you’re a small business owner looking to get into server hosting or a freelancer who can’t rely on good internet speed at home, Windows VPS hosting is an ideal solution. The operating system has built-in functionality for dealing with slow internet connections, so customers will never notice your lag. It’s also easier to access than Linux, so don’t worry about compatibility issues with your programs or website. Many servers are also more secure than dedicated solutions, making them safer for businesses that require frequent contact with sensitive data. If security is what you’re after, Windows hosting offers some of the best technology.

Improved Resilience

If you’re running a business, your technology must be reliable. In terms of resilience, Windows VPS hosting is superior to shared hosting as it uses state-of-the-art Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization software. With regular backups and a solid disaster recovery plan, you’ll have a better-prepared host to bounce back from setbacks or disasters. Better Reliability: Reliability is critical for any service. As a company offering Windows VPS hosting services, we rely on it ourselves—and we don’t settle for anything less than top-quality components from reputable manufacturers.


Windows Virtual Private Servers are inherently more secure than shared hosting because no sharing is involved. On a Windows VPS Server, you are completely isolated from other customers. Each has his or her virtual environment with its operating system, storage space, and memory allocation—and, therefore, its own set of vulnerabilities to deal with. Microsoft’s Virtual Server 2005 offers support for hot patching, which means that Microsoft can address security holes without taking down servers or networks to deliver an update. As long as your Windows VPS plan includes hot patch support, you won’t notice an update made while you continue working uninterrupted on your server.

SSL Certificates

Windows servers have been using SSL certificates for some time now. So, when you install a certificate on a Windows server, you don’t need to follow different installation instructions compared to Linux servers. Furthermore, Internet Information Services (IIS) and Apache web servers support various third-party SSL certificates. Thus, if you choose a Windows VPS hosting package with a dedicated IP address, there’s no reason why HTTPS connections shouldn’t protect your websites from browsers and other Web applications.

Business Continuity

A Windows-based virtual private server (VPS) offers several advantages over shared hosting, such as excellent protection against DDoS attacks and total control over your virtual environment. As a bonus, you can migrate easily to a Windows dedicated server once your traffic demands it. Upgrading to a Windows VPS is like buying peace of mind—you’ll never regret having it.

Take Control

Your hosting account will be managed and maintained by someone else. Switching to a virtual private server (VPS) may be a better option if you prefer to maintain complete control over your web server. With Windows VPS Server Hosting, your data is hosted on virtual servers that run in separate operating systems. This ensures no one has access to another customer’s content and helps protect your data from malfunctioning on a shared web server.

Ease Of Use

Installing Windows on a Virtual Private Server is extremely easy. If you have experience installing an operating system on a physical server, then using it on a Virtual Private Server will feel the same. It’s as simple as downloading and running an installer package to set up your server. Once it’s up and running, you’ll have access to everything you’d expect from a Windows installation, including popular software like Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python, etc., right out of the box. Using your Virtual Private Server will be extremely simple if you are already comfortable developing software or Windows 7 or 8 websites.

24/7 Support

The 24/7 support offered by Windows VPS hosting provides round-the-clock access to your site. It’s important to consider that downtime can be expensive for businesses, mainly if they rely on their website for sales. With Windows VPS hosting, you won’t need to worry about losing sales or customers because of downtime or technical difficulties—which is why it should be one of your top reasons to upgrade to Windows web hosting. Not all providers offer 24/7 support, but if you choose wisely, you can ensure that downtime lasts only a few minutes—no matter what time of day.

Managed Cloud Solutions

Onlive Server provides fully managed cloud solutions if you’re hosting on a VPS Server. This is because server maintenance can be challenging to keep up with when you’re busy running your business. If you go with a Windows VPS Hosting solution hosted by Onlive Server, We will handle updates and backups for you—allowing you to focus more of your time and energy on growing your company.