Info Of Hong Kong Dedicated Server Hosting

Have you ever used a private wireless network in your home? A best-dedicated server is almost the same as your in-home server when talking about functionality and working procedures. It is a bit costly than the in-home server but is the best to get in your budget. Hong Kong Dedicated Server works only for you and fulfills all your web hosting requirements. Such as CMS installation, setting up a VPN server, configuring your private IP, and many more.

Best feature of dedicated server

Cheap dedicated servers in many countries and different parts of the globe. It is currently the leading web/server hosting feature that is offered by almost all the web hosting servers. And web hosting plans worldwide and with the best Cloud VPS server hosting feature. The cheap dedicated server has been continuously increasing its wide range by serving over 35 countries globally.

Name Processor RAM Harddisk Bandwidth IP Location Monthly Price
Hong Kong Dedicated - DSX21 IPv4 AddressAlmaLinux 8.2None$304.00
Hong Kong Dedicated - DSX31 IPv4 AddressAlmaLinux 8.2None$499.00
Hong Kong Dedicated - DSX1Intel Xeon E3-1230v6, 3.50 Ghz, 4 Cores16 GB1 TB HDD10 Mbps1 IPv4 AddressGigalDC$195.00

How does the Hong Kong dedicated server work?

The Hong Kong dedicated server serves you the same as an in-home network in functionality but provides you high-speed networking, security, and data storage and fulfill several essential equipment types.

The server hands you over a Hardware device using which you can get access to plenty of things. There is a great advantage to use the dedicated server for your website management as it provides you with some best quality features mentioned below.

Cheap dedicated server’s features

The leading web server and hosting company offers you some great features that fulfill your website requirements. It also provides you with a pre-developed user interface and a fully managed website so that you can concentrate on exploring new ideas and ranking your website or company to the top in the business. The stunning features that the Onlive web server offers are mentioned below.

Access to almost everything

The current leading web hosting server provides you almost everything that you need to manage your website and enhance its rankings on the search engine. No matter if you are running a small blogging website or own a large multinational corporation, Onlive gets you every essential step completed such as configuring your VPN server, your CMS installation, installing custom applications, setting up your proxy server, giving you a secure data backup, configuring your VoIP server, and much more like this.

A wide range of dedicated server location

Hong Kong Dedicated Server has been providing its beneficial services successfully and is expanding its range day by day. So, it does not matter a lot which country you are from.Just select the country, your plan, and enjoy the best web hosting service of your life.

Complete and managed servers

It is elementary to scale up your requirements with a completely managed server no matter you run a small or big company online. Our dedicated servers are currently the best server hosting services you can get with zero percent bugs and issues.

Get everything in your budget

From getting a personal IP to having unlimited website hosting, dedicated servers provide you everything in your budget. As per a survey, dedicated servers are the cheapest website server globally, meeting all the requirements and quality service.

Get complete root access

You will be provided the complete root access to configure your web server along with your CPU. The server puts no limits and restraints on your website, providing you unlimited flexibility, and hence you can take charge of your website.

Providing you a personal IP

The cheap dedicated web server hosting offers you a personal IP address along with the Cheap Dedicated Server. Owning a unique IP can greatly impact your business by allowing you access to server settings without interfering with the DNS settings.

Enjoy a secure dedicated web server

Providing; malware and viruses-free web servers, Hong Kong’s dedicated server promises to be a secure server hosting. Its servers consist of a firewall that protects your data from unwanted visitors, hackers and malware, and viruses.

Huge data storage and backup

The web server hosting company provides you up to 500GB of SSD data storage, allowing you to collect/store a massive amount of data. There is an automatic backup function that protects your data every scheduled time so that you can retrieve the data if it gets corrupted.