cPanel Hosting

What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting is one of the best hosting plans that you can get. It provides a variety of features like SSL encryption. Free website hosting, and automatic backups. cPanel Hosting has helped millions of users to build their own websites on a single platform.

The hosting services are available for a number of reasons. You can get your website hosting on shared hosting or a dedicated server. When you host your website on the cPanel, it provides you with complete control over all aspects of the environment. Including access to resources and security features such as backups, log files, and email account settings.

cPanel hosting is one of the best hosting services, which helps you to manage your hosting and email accounts. cPanel provides a robust set of tools that allows you to customize your needs. With the help of cPanel, it becomes easy for users to install any kind of application on their website without having technical knowledge or experience in doing so.

How cPanel Web Hosting Works

cPanel is an internet web hosting administration provider that used to be mainly designed to ease the work of internet site administration. The software program affords an interface that makes takes out the tedious work of having to deal with uncooked code in the administration of a website.

This interface supplied via cPanel has grown over a variety of years, main it to end up the go-to net web carrier in use all over the world. Over ninety-seven percent of the web-hosting offerings that you come throughout are probably to be walking cPanel software.

cPanel has cornered the market of internet site internet hosting and efficaciously squeezed out different services and interfaces. This has been down to the savvy resellers who have spawned a very giant quantity of one-of-a-kind manufacturers all supplying net web hosting services.

Features of cPanel Hosting

Email Service

The most vital point of a cPanel is the capability to set up an email system for your website. If needed, you can have greater than one email account. In addition to the simple elements of an e-mail account, you can set up autoresponders, email forwarding, set up spam filters to hold your e-mail account smooth from useless emails.


Another characteristic of a cPanel that can assist your enterprise is the covered security. The security of a cPanel permits you to password protect your account. Additionally, it gives you the capability to set up your website so that it can deny a particular IP address. It even lets you prevent access.

Other Application Run

Additional applications are another advantage to a cPanel. For example, you can add any range of third-party software program programs to your internet site. Enhance your web page for the benefit of your users. You can add bulletin boards, calendars, a visitor book, eCommerce shopping, or select from any range of different accessible options.

Abundance of Apps

The ultimate function that is most necessary in your cPanel is an analytics system. With systems like Webalizer or AWStats, you can display your audience. Some of the factors that can collect and analyze include visitors, unique visitors, go-to duration, most considered pages, exit locations, and infinite other data points that you can monitor, collect, and analyze.

Why should you Pick the Best cPanel Web Hosting Company on the Onlive Server of 2022?

The hosting industry is constantly changing, and web hosting companies are always trying to find new ways to make their hosting services better. With this in mind, the best VPS hosting company Onlive Server of 2022 will have added extra features that will allow them to provide even more value for their customers. In addition, some of these web hosts may offer additional security options as well as customer support that can improve your experience while using a website hosted on one of these top-rated cPanel hosts.

High-Performance cPanel is a hosting service that offers features like cPanel, Plesk, and LightSpeed hosting. It also provides you with SSH access to your server. You can easily install software and manage it from the web interface itself.

Cpanel Hosting


Onlive is among the most advanced technology available in the industry. The state-of-the-art cloud solution guarantees a 99.9% uptime and ensures that your website will be online whenever you need it to be. cPanel is the world’s most widely used web hosting control panel. Onlive Server provides professional cPanel Hosting to small businesses and developers, and resellers with hundreds of domains. If you’re looking for a secure hosting solution, so Onlive Server is the right solution.