Many companies around the globe utilize dedicated servers as data centers or safe email servers. These internet base hosting service are lease directly to that business and do not share space with other companies.  Italy Dedicated Server Hosting delivers a high-performance solution, they are stable, safe and easily managed, making them the perfect solution for businesses looking to store all their data in one place with simple access from any terminal at any time.

Italy Dedicated Server Hosting

159$ per month is our beginning Italy Dedicated Server Hosting Price. We offer the fully managed server with IPv6 and IPv4 support. Usually, we offer bandwidth up to 20 TB. You can upgrade your plan anytime as your company grows and enjoy unlimited bandwidth. We deliver the right hosting plan based on your business requirements and budget. With Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Italy, you receive complete control of your server regarding the operating system(Windows or Linux) you want to use. We protect your data on the server against various viruses and hackers. Our firewall and anti-virus safeguard assure you that the stored data is always safe and secure.


Our Italian Server Hosting Company provides customers with quality web hosting services with various server options to suit every business size and budget. We offer valuable hosting services globally with a safe and secure solution. We deliver hosting solutions worldwide with ultimate customer support.

All the servers are Italy-based, ensuring high speed and easy access. Sometimes, you may find that you are trying hard to access your server or require assistance uploading to the server, and you need to know there is some expert available to guide you step by step and help you sort out the issue in the quickest possible time.To learn more about how Italy’s Dedicated Server Hosting Provider can help your business, visit our website at https://www.italyserverhosting.com.