cPanel Web Hosting

What is cPanel Web Hosting?

cPanel is GUI based program that runs on Linux – based webservers and acts as a control panel for web hosting accounts and cPanel is easy to set up. It is presently the industry standard and used by most web hosting companies. It is designed to make it effortless to manage your web sites the use of an easy-to-use graphical interface (GUI). Onlive Server provides cPanel Web Hosting at a very low price.

cPanel is a web hosting control panel supplied by Onlive Server to the website owners, allowing them to whole control their websites from a web-based interface. The program offers customers a graphical interface from which they can manage their own part of a Unix server.

Advantages of cPanel

Based on the secure Linux OS, cPanel guarantees its clients utmost ease of use as cPanel manages to produce super effective output with a set of very environment-friendly features. Below we will review the top advantages that each cPanel consumer has the probability to enjoy while the usage of web hosting servers and panels.


The first advantage associated with cPanel is that it is easy to set up. The installation process is very easy and is laid down in some simple steps that the user can easily follow. The consumer interface of the manage panel is simple. The graphic interface is designed to be user-friendly and surprisingly responsive. Hence, users do not face any problem in handling the control panel on their system. In addition, it supports easy commands for complex tasks. Users will be able to perform all the basic and complex tasks like evaluating the available disk space. System maintenance and backup in just some simple clicks.


cPanel web hosting only comes with the basic requirement to run on a Linux-based operating system. It only takes up limited disk space and requires RAM to run on the system. It seems to satisfy a very simple, easy, and basic requirement.


One of the best things about Best Cheap VPS is its wide range of high-end features. Its features allow users to seamlessly access, host and manage their business website accounts. Furthermore, all the features of cPanel are defended by an antivirus that blocks unwanted virus and malware attacks.


One of our personal favorite benefits of cPanel is its flexibility and simple setup. You will rarely come through a web host that allows you to go your website along with all its content from one net hosting server to every other with ease. It works like airflow- so smooth and brings no technical glitches.


One of the major benefits of cPanel is that it is compatible with all web browsers. It works properly with a broad range of browsing systems which consists of all the main ones – Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It also welcomes third-party add-ons to adequately boost the mobility of the website. These add-ons can be something from on-site blogs to visitor blogs, e-books, or digital marketing boards.

Reliability and Support

cPanel instead is always there as reliable and premium support for you to rely on. cPanel has automatically detected errors and restarted the system for refresh service and 24/7 customer and technical support.


The large association with cPanel is that it is not very easy on the budget. cPanel prices are considerably greater than its other providers in the markets. We agree that it is very aggressive than others in many methods however its customers will not constantly see it from this perspective. People who are setting a start-up or running small-scale businesses with restrained resources will definitely find it tough to spend so much on a web hosting control panel.