Managed Dedicated Server

Managed Dedicated Server

Price range usually matters for any new business website or venture employer. When you are launching your website for the first time, you can choose shared internet hosting. As your Internet site grows, it is essential to improve it into an effective design. Managed dedicated server the handled high Traffic. A managed dedicated server is an internet hosting science. It is rente entirely through an individual, organization, or application. The resources of a dedicated server are, no shared with other clients, services, or applications. This allows a corporation or client organization to gain access to the server. In comparison to various server hosting technologies, the prices of dedicated servers are high. However, it helps the customers to capture and manipulate their servers with the help of the use of committed resources.

The provider company gives both managed or unmanaged committed servers. A managed dedicated server is a type of web hosting where the provider company does everything it takes to capture and manipulate the server. It offers 24/7 technical and administrative support with improved aspects like utility installations, timely upgrades. An unmanaged dedicated server additionally offers customers complete management over the server and internet hosting. But manipulating the server, its applications, timely monitoring, and maintenance requires some unique competencies.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server

Assured security

The managed server gives to uses extreme protection measures to make sure the safety of the data stored on their network of servers. Managed server services available for various devices and have the ability to handle hacking attempts, servers, block, and protect against cyber threats.

They recursively scan for viruses, run security audits to find the system vulnerable to an attacker, which they can fix to prevent the server from being attacked.


You can customize your bare metal server to your liking. Install the heavy web application. It will still work very smoothly. Miles Web allows full SSH root access so you can control the server the way you need.

Control Panel

Managing your server will become much easier with an impressive panel that makes it a program to perform admin-level tasks like creating FTP users and adding websites to your server. While there isn’t an impressions panel, you’ll be able to manage your server all-in-one via the command line.

Storage management

Reliable web hosting companies have the necessary information along with the know-how to manage server security issues by assuring unwanted mail filtering and virus scanning. Vulnerabilities and cyberattacks can be kept away by continuous monitoring and scanning of work structures and critical objectives. The data storage desires of an organization are usually concerned with updating. The revision in storage requirements is mainly in terms of storage space. Corporations can be relieved of the customary constraints of developing more provisions for more storage space. The cost of procuring more storage and managing the same is saved through managed storage services. Database administration seeks exceptionally skilled database directors for the reason that it is one of the major challenging and mission-critical operations. Managed Providers Suppliers can help you design a customized database machine that’s precisely tailored to your needs.


With dedicated servers, you can go a long way by building a strong security system. A good web hosting company will give you the utmost privacy assurance. Many hosting companies practice several key methods to keep your business data secure from hackers. But no software security can compete with the physical separation of data/information, and dedicated servers will logically do so.

Why should you pick a managed dedicated server?

It is absolutely your choice to pick the best server plan according to your needs. From a variety of perspectives, a managed dedicated server is the best choice for businesses.

Managed dedicated servers are the best choice. It is easier to operate for multi-user apps, any type of database, SaaS, virtualization, resellers, high traffic sites, and many websites.

It is about reliability, good support, better security, higher uptime, and much more than a business needs to run smoothly. Onlive Server is presenting the VPS Hosting for WordPress in your location. It comes with a 100% uptime SLA and better management

Why Dedicated servers are necessary?

Dedicated servers offer more reliability and stability than VPS hosting. This ensures that you are not sharing your location with any other malicious software or potential spammers. Dedicated servers add increased security, which is why it is essential for companies transacting over FTP or SSL.


If you are experiencing slow page loading, frequent errors on database requests, and pages timing out due to server overload, then switching to a dedicated server is your business. And is the right choice for development A dedicated server gives you the utmost flexibility, scalability, and better management of your business and customer growth. This dedicated server offers superior performance and reliability, giving your customers a better viewing experience.