Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS

In this article, we are going to take a close look at the Cloud VPS. And how you can use it to make your website’s performance better than ever before. As you might already know, the VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, so what’s the difference between it and the usual server? The answer can be found below, but first things first, let’s take a closer look at what the Cloud VPS exactly is!

Cloud VPS

What is Cloud VPS?

A cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a web hosting service that allows you to configure your own personal server. A cloud Virtual Private Server is use to host websites, email, files, and various other services. Unlike typical web hosting solutions, a virtual private server. Lets you have a lot more control over your server configuration and gives you complete access to your own dedicated root or administrator account on one of our servers.

How Cloud VPS works?

A cloud VPS is host on one or more servers. This means it can be set up and supported remotely, making it possible to outsource a lot of day-to-day server management. The idea behind cloud computing is that everyone benefits from economies of scale and those massive companies like Google are able to offer their services at an extremely low-cost thanks to their efficient use of resources.

And it is a great option for businesses that need their own dedicated servers. As such, your data save in a single location, and you won’t experience any downtime or service slowdowns because of someone else on your network. If you store sensitive information on your company’s servers. Or if you share a crowded network with many other companies, you could benefit from switching to a cloud VPS. These types of servers are well-suit for bursting capacity uses; they have high speeds and short load times but don’t necessarily need to be powered up all day long. Like standard cloud computing platforms, they can scale down to save energy when it isn’t needed.

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Advantages of Cloud VPS-

There are many advantages of cloud VPS in terms of security, stability, and performance. Cloud VPS gives flexibility to scalability that makes it affordable to all. Cloud VPS has fewer maintenance costs, upgrade costs, and minimum downtime or is not prone to sudden failure. This server control by a system administrator that keeps an eye on your resource usage and monitors real-time resource usage.


A Cloud Virtual Private Server, or Cloud VPS, can be more scalable than a typical dedicated server in certain cases. For example, if you use virtualization technology in your data centre to run multiple applications off of one server, it may be possible to move these virtualized applications to a cloud instance with minimal hassle. With cloud resources, you are able to add CPU cores and RAM as necessary rather than dealing with several large machines that aren’t necessarily running at full capacity all of the time.


Onlive Server Cloud Virtual Private Servers is a perfect solution for business users. Who seek to enhance their efficiency and productivity But it is also ideal for other users who want to work remotely or simply want to access their files from anywhere. We are able to offer our services without high costs or recurring fees because we can start up and shut down virtual servers almost instantly in response to fluctuating demand.


Onlive Servers provide any kind of Cloud Computing based on demand. If you are willing to get a Cloud VPS Hosting, then it’s highly recommended to start with a minimum amount of RAM space. The 3 basic types of cloud computing available at Onlive Servers are Virtual Private Server (VPS), Dedicated Server, and managed dedicated server. All these services are provided according to customers’ requirements in terms of OS, control panel, etc.


Security is a very important point when it comes to choosing an online host company, some companies claim to be secure but that can be wrong sometimes. It’s not about choosing a host based on price rather than security or support. The Onlive Hosting providers have experienced staff and 24/7 helpful customer service in order to provide you with a quick response whenever you are troubled with your server. With quality cloud hosting services, your business will be more successful and reliable.

key features of Cloud VPS-
  • Login Access through any web browser
  • Easy install and configuration with our user-friendly portal
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • Dynamic IP Addresses
  • FTP Access
  • SLA-backed Service Level Agreement
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No software to install

Choosing between Cloud and Dedicated servers is not a simple task. There are many factors to consider before selecting a hosting provider, and there are many providers in each category. Cloud hosting is one of them, which has two types: public cloud and private cloud. Onlive Server provides you with reliable services in both clouds. We guarantee 99.99% uptime by monitoring our own network. As well as the network of ISPs and data centers around the world at all times.