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Optimize your business through Cheap VPS Hosting in 30-plus countries through Onlive Server. You want better business growth and always ask which server is the best for your business level. Here we will guide you on server hosting. Well, Onlive Server mainly provides Cheap VPS Hosting plans in the United States. Many companies usually offer this hosting server on the market. But you cannot trust anyone to choose the server. It is essential to select server-based hosting plans for your strong growth carefully. Make your site easy and scalable.

Our specialties – Onlive Server

Having a server is essential for almost every activity. But not all server companies can provide all the functionality and time. Onlive Server offers cheap VPS hosting plans at a very reasonable price. Our company makes no false promises to attract customers. Many companies on the market make false promises. But for us, our customers are the most important. We care about your organizational goals. We offer you the best hosting plans for VPS Server Hosting. You will not encounter any server problems with the server, and you can only focus on your organization’s goals. Well, our server hosting is best suited for any business.

If your company does not have heavy loads, hosting the VPS server is the best option. Our Windows VPS Hosting service offers the advantages of high performance, security, stability and control. It is mainly used by websites that are looking for significant traffic. We offer a 99% network availability guarantee with all our facilities. Believe us; we will not share any personal information with other people.

Highly characteristic
Onlive Server offers advanced features such as additional bandwidth, backup solutions and more for your website. In addition, we also provide Java installation CMS such as: Crafter CMS, Enonic XP Dot CMS, Thingamablog, OpenWGA, Magnolia, Ametys CMS, etc.

Here are some features are –

  • Server cards available.
  • Top Performing.
  • Operation based on Windows and Linux.
  • High scalability.
  • Appropriate payment plans.
  • KVM and KVH virtualization.
  • Daily backup facilities.
  • Good monitoring services.
  • Reliable plans and services.

Offers manageable plans like –

  • Firewall services
  • Anti-spam software
  • Antivirus updates
  • Security audit
  • DDoS protection
  • Emergency recovery
  • DNS hosting service
  • Load balancing

Technical support 

Onlive Server offers complete technical support to USA VPS Hosting. Here, our team of experienced professionals is available 24 hours a day for your help. So do not hesitate, you can first compare our server with other server and then make the right decision. We have the best plan and services for USA location and these plans is most reliable and Se-curable Server Hosting. Thank-You