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Cheap VPS Server Hosting

Industry leading web host provider Onlive Server recently upgraded their Cheap VPS Server Hosting plans to add variety to its already established line of VPS hosting solutions. With different plans, the virtual server hosting plans not only bridge the gap between shared hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting but also give consumers of all sizes access to a variety of VPS specs.

Leading web host provider Onlive Server recently upgraded VPS plans: an ultimate solution to a problem faced by many small enterprises and start-ups. When small businesses looking to set up a website or even store data in a shared location, the data has to be stored on a server. Servers can be costly to run and maintain, and those who are designing and launching websites, whether individuals or small businesses, would have to up-skill themselves in a whole other set of competencies in order to handle them effectively. Onlive Server’s new virtual hosting plans offer all the benefits of a real server at a fraction of the price and complexity.


Onlive Server believes that every organization has a unique requirement and unique budget limit that’s why it provides completely customizable services to their customer. Always ready to customize their plans.

The website makes it easy to choose and subscribe to a hosting package, and clients can choose from Windows, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu as their preferred operating system. The virtual server can also be managed using cPanel, an elegantly simple interface that allows customers to control their web server space remotely by logging on via the internet.

Onlive Server promises 100% satisfaction on web hosting, and they have reason to be confident in their product. What sets Onlive Server apart as a host is their top of the range Cheap VPS Server Hosting hardware, which uses enterprise-grade servers powered by branded processors and a minimum 16 GB of RAM. Unlike other web hosting companies who use SATA II drives, Onlive Server uses enterprise-grade SAS 15k drives in RAID10 configuration for redundancy, reliability and the outstanding disk input/output performance.

Why Should Buy VPS Server Hosting plans

Cheap VPS Server Hosting designed to accommodate the requirements of a wide variety of clients, from individual hobbyists and bloggers to businesses. A spokesperson for the company explained, “We’ve developed different levels of virtual hosting specifically for the purpose of serving both small businesses and individuals. I believe clients will be more than satisfied with the number of choices they have to pick from and will easily be able to decide what will best meet their requirements from the packages we’ve made available.

Visit https://onliveserver.com/cheap-vps-hosting-server/ to connect more directly with their client base. They offer advice and support on numerous web-hosting issues, as well as editorial commentary on hot-button topics in the industry.

About Onlive Server

Onlive Server is a privately owned web hosting provider dedicated to offering reliable, affordable and top-notch cheap VPS server hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting services to clients all over the world. Since 2008, its mission has been to deliver superior service, fast and friendly support and reasonable web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses alike. We setup your server instantly just in 1-2 hour and your server ready to use. Onlive Server is trusted by a thousand businesses.

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